Trend Micro Spam Prevention Services






Available for Windows 2000 Server, Solaris, Red Hat Linux

Gateway-based Spam Protection for the Enterprise
Trend Micro™ Spam Prevention Service is a high-performance, anti-spam application designed to block non-productive and malicious spam at the gateway. Trend Micro Spam Prevention Service employs patent-pending, heuristic technology that evaluates, identifies and monitors existing and new messages using multiple email characteristics, providing highly accurate spam capture rates with very low false positives. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Trend Micro's antivirus and content security solutions, Trend Micro Spam Prevention Service analyzes messages in-memory to address the performance and scalability requirements of the global enterprise.

Key Features

  • Dynamic, Flexible Heuristic Technology

  • Seamless Integration with Antivirus and Content Security Offerings

  • High Performance and Scalability

  • Advanced Filtering, Analysis, and Updating Capabilities

  • Ease of Administration and Configuration

  • Comprehensive Reporting and Auditing



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