Fortinet Firewall





Fortinet's industry-leading FortiGate security systems delivers unmatched integrated security capabilities, ease of use and price/performance. Along with the stateful firewall, FortiGate system's use an arsenal of integrated application security engines to quickly identify and block today's blended attacks such as SoBig and Netsky from infecting the networks it protects. In addition, Fortinet's scalable product line offers FortiGate models to fit any network size with key security features such Stateful Firewall, VPN, Antivirus, IPS, Web Content Filtering, Antispam and Traffic Shaping available on all models. Fortinet's FortiManager™ and FortiAnalyzer™ turn-key appliances provide centralized management of thousands of FortiGate systems and detailed reporting capabilities for internal auditing and event correlation.

Firewall Accelerated:

ASIC-accelerated hardware and purpose-built secure OS

Application-level security

Virtual security domains and security zones

Enterprise-tested high availability

Security zones and policy-based configuration

VoIP aware gateways

Dynamic routing protocols, RIP, OSPF, BGP

Detailed logging and reporting


Enterprise and Branch Office Firewall
Fortinet's industry-tested FortiGate Firewalls meet enterprise requirements for scalability, performance and reliability. Advanced security capabilities such as integrated Antivirus, IPS Antispam and URL filtering along with high-availability, wire-speed performance, and security zones are available on all FortiGate Models. In addition, Fortinet's wide breadth of FortiGate models offers a device to fit into any sized network while Fortinet's FortiManager™ system provides a single interface to centrally manage and easily deploy thousands of FortiGate systems.

Multi-Store Retail Deployments
FortiGate security systems offer retail customers a cost-effective solution to meet their unique business needs by securing applications such as POS (Point of Sale), inventory applications and online financial transactions, while Fortinet's ASIC-based, purpose built design delivers the reliability and application security needed by retailers to avoid costly network downtime. In addition, the FortiGate system's ease of deployment, accompanied by the full set of security features offered by every FortiGate system make managing and protecting multiple retail locations a turn key solution.

MSSP Managed Firewall Service
MSSP's are increasingly turning to Fortinet's industry leading FortiGate security systems to deliver integrated security services to customers in an efficient and cost effective manner. Fortinet's Security zones and Virtual Domains provide a perfect platform on which to build a managed security service. Also with Fortinet's FortiManager centralized management and FortiAnalyzer™ centralized reporting server, MSSPs can now lower their maintenance and provisioning overhead by using a single console to manage and ease deployment of thousands of FortiGate systems.

SOHO DSL/Cable Deployment
Fortinet's easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage security systems deliver exceptional value and performance for securing a home office and small business network. FortiGate installation wizards enable installations to be up and running within minutes.



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