Fortinet's Advanced Antivirus technology uses a combination of both signature and heuristic detection engines to provide multi-layered, real-time protection against a multitude of attacks at the desktop and the network gateway. Ultra-high system performance is achieved using the integrated FortiASIC processor together with Fortinet's patent-pending technology known as CPRL or Content Pattern Recognition Language to accelerate both virus scanning and anomaly recognition

 Antivirus Accelerated:

>> Scalable performance and models from SOHO to multi-gigabit antivirus protection

>> ASIC-based hardware design

>> Automatic updates of antivirus signatures

>> Inspects SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP and HTTP

>> Inspection of VPN (IPSec and SSL) content

>> Bi-direction content filtering

>> Compressed file format support: tar, gzip, rar, lzh, iha, cab, arj, zip

>> Centralized management and reporting of thousands of FortiGate systems

>> Transparent, NAT and Route modes



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