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NeatSuite Enterprise Edition is a fully integrated, centrally managed suite of products designed to protect virtually every access point in the enterprise. NeatSuite Enterprise Edition includes gateway, servers, and desktop antivirus applications, all of which are centrally managed by Trend Micro Control Manager™. The result is a powerful, multi-layered defense system that protects the corporate network against viruses and other malicious code.

This Suite includes:

ScanMail for Lotus Notes / MS Exchange


InterScan Messaging Security Suite

InterScan Web Security Suite

Trend Micro Control Manager

Control Manager Agent

Client/Server Suite


Key Features

Multi-Layer Defence
Single Point of Administration
Support of Outbreak Prevention Services

Multi-Layer Defence
Multi-layer defence at virtually every access point in the network provides comprehensive antivirus protection.

Single Point of Administration
Single point of contact administration, monitoring, and management of antivirus protection reduces complexity and burden on IT managers.

Support of Outbreak Prevention Services
Support for Outbreak Prevention Services, a key component of Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy (EPS), prevents attacks or significantly minimises damages from attacks and makes it unnecessary for organisations to adopt a dual A/V vendor strategy just to receive signature-based pattern files.



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