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Netlink goes beyond Software Specialized in Flight Information Display Systems solutions at Airports, Website Development, Networking Solutions, Hardware & Systems Support and conventional IT Security solutions to immunize the system against known and unknown virus and spyware software (malware). Our entire products have been selected with path breaking proprietary technology.

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Mission Statement

The business model of Netlink based on delivering "value to the client organization by creating, maintaining, and redefining relationships". Organizations do not have the time or personnel to develop comprehensive solutions on their own, but they require resources with extensive experience, ability, and presence to address their needs for Audiovisual, Flight Information Display Solutions, Digital Sinage solutions, Video Conferencing, Security Systems, Alarm Systems and IT Security Solutions. Companies can address their resource issues by leveraging the skill sets and expertise of Netlink Consultants.

Vision Statement

Netlink consultants average 20 years' experience in the field of Flight Information Display Solutions, Audiovisual, Digital sinage Solutions, Video Conferencing, Security Systems, Alarm Systems and IT Security Systems and training. And the consultants offer an independent perspective to resolve problems, as well as extensive knowledge to develop and build effective solutions. Netlink consultants understand the overall impact of all our services and solutions and its critical role within a larger IT environment. Netlink provides the extra bandwidth and brainpower that companies need to meet their requirements for a solid solution.

Our Clients

  1. Mumbai International Airport (GVK)
  2. DFS (Duty Free Shop) Mumbai Airport
  3. BCAS (Bureau Of Civil Aviation Security)
  4. BDDS (Bomb Detection & Disposal Squad
  5. Oman Airlines | Saudia Airlines (Mumbai Airport)
  6. Secutech Automation I (P) Ltd.
  7. British Airways (Mumbai) | Kenya Airways (Mumbai)