Trend Micro

Trend Micro Incorporated is a global leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services. Those products led the migration of virus protection from the desktop to the network server and the Internet gateway, gaining a reputation for vision and technological innovation along the way. Trend Micro focuses on outbreak prevention and providing customers with a comprehensive approach to managing the outbreak lifecycle and the impact of network worms and virus threats to productivity and information through initiatives such as Trend Microâ„¢ Enterprise Protection Strategy.


F-Secure's award-winning products include solutions for home computing, small and medium sized businesses and enterprises. The solutions protect from viruses, intrusions and data theft, allowing companies to focus on their business and providing home users peace-of mind when surfing the Internet and receiving e-mail. The products are available for handheld devices, laptops, desktops, file servers, e-mail servers and gateways. A wide range of services from instant security alerts to product training are also offered.


Fortinet's Advanced Antivirus technology uses a combination of both signature and heuristic detection engines to provide multi-layered, real-time protection against a multitude of attacks at the desktop and the network gateway. Ultra-high system performance is achieved using the integrated FortiASIC processor together with Fortinet's patent-pending technology known as CPRL or Content Pattern Recognition Language to accelerate both virus scanning and anomaly recognition