Computerized Flight Information Display System (FIDS)



Employees are frequently swamped with E-mail and too busy to regularly check the Intranet. Netpresenter is the only medium that allows you to push headlines automatically 'in their face'. Either non-intrusive as screensaver, or in case of an emergency, as pop-up desktop player. Netpresenter can push your Intranet headlines and reduce the need for sending yet more E-mail 'to all' messages to already E-mail saturated staff. Learn more on improving your internal communications.

Managing Messaging Systems, Intranet and the flood of E-mail E-mail has revolutionized communications in large corporations. It has enabled employees to communicate in a comprehensive and timely manner. But as any medium, it has it's shortcomings. This Netpresenter report on managing messaging systems helps you to re-evaluate existing media such as Intranet, E-mail and Groupware and suggest the bests way to use them.